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Sony (Japanese: ソニー株式會社), Japan is a world-renowned large-scale comprehensive multinational enterprise groups. Sony is the world leader in the field of audio-visual, video games, communications products and information technology, is the world's first portable digital products pioneer, is the world's largest electronics manufacturers, one of the world's three major gaming giants, One of the six major Hollywood studios.

Into the 21st century, Sony (Sony) brand in the electronic business on the disadvantaged. According to 2005, Interbrand published "2005 brand value ranking", "Sony" worth 40.5 billion US dollars, compared with 2004 43.15 billion US dollars recession 14%, from 10 to 18. Forbes in February 28, 2005 published "2005 global 2000 big business ranking", Sony ranked from 2004 to 2 slipped to 23, the Asian brand 500 released in 2013, Sony ranked seventh.

But Sony in the past to create a fabulous glorious history, it is not because of consumer electronics business downturn and lost the favor of consumers. In August 31, 2005, Asian Integrated Media commissioned the international survey agency Synovate in Asia, many countries and regions, "2005 Asia 1000 best brand", Sony won the first year of the first brand. In a survey released by Harris Interactive on July 12, 2006, Sony reelected America's No. 1 best-known brand in the 7th year, and Sony is also the most representative of the Chinese mainland, China Taiwan and Hong Kong, China Ideal brand. In Fortune magazine's 2011 World Top 500 list (list of companies), Sony ranked 73 percent of its $ 83,844.8 million in revenue ($ -3,030.8 million). 2010 Sony ranked No. 69. September 21, 2015, announced in Hong Kong in 2015, "Asian brand 500" list, Sony ranked second.

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