The Great World


"Great World" is located in the south of Tibet, Yan'an East Road intersection. Was founded in 1917, the founder is Huang Chujiu. To play juggling and opera, opera for its characteristics, 12 surface Haha mirror into a "big world" unique attraction. After the founding of the renamed "people's playground", in 1958 to restore its original name, in 1974 changed its name to "Shanghai Youth Palace", January 25, 1981 big world resumption of business, known as the "World World Amusement Center." "Big World" is Shanghai's largest indoor playground, known for recreation, juggling and north-south drama, folk art features. From 2008 onwards, in order to repair, the world closed the door closed. 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Shanghai World, the Shanghai municipal government decided to November 26, 2016 re-opening.

Big world "was once the old Shanghai to attract the most people's entertainment, there are many small stage, take turns performing a variety of opera, folk art, song and dance and recreational juggling, etc., in the middle of the air around the spacecraft, also has a cinema, shopping , The snack bar and the Chinese and Western restaurants, visitors in the playground can play all day. "Big World" building quite distinctive.It consists of 12 cylindrical support multi-layer hexagonal milk yellow minarets constitute the main building by 3 4 The hotel is composed of four parts: "Amusement World", "World of the World", "World of the World" and "Food World". The eight-star series of amusement projects are launched. Is the "competitive world", in the "big world ring" and the Guinness Book Record Challenge attracted the stunt of all over the country.

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