Red house


Shanghai Huaihai Commercial (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in June 1996. It is a modern business enterprise group engaged in commercial state-owned assets management, domestic trade and industrial investment. Group business mainly involves business management, food circulation, catering and services industries. In recent years, the Group "based on Huaihai Road, innovation Huaihai Road; out of Huaihai Road, spread Huaihai Road" for the development of ideas. Huaihai Road in the commercial structure of the transfer to enhance its own brand, and actively introduce the international brand concept store, the theme shop, the formation of high-end experience consumption characteristics of the boutique commercial landmark image, to achieve the commercial street form of each other rely on the brand value; Outward expansion, committed to the transmission and dissemination of Huaihai Road business philosophy and business culture, boost the "Huaihai" brand value.

Group has a number of its own "old Chinese" and the famous brand, such as Xu Chong Road, Canglang Pavilion, Chi Mei, Zhengzhang, red house, the country native products, abundance and so on. In recent years, the Group attaches importance to the old format, form innovation, through the exploration of "famous brand - chain", O2O and other models, for the traditional brand into the new vitality.

With the help of the brand name of Huaihai Road Commercial Street, the transformation of commercial properties and the promotion of commercial image, the Group has actively introduced international famous brands and new forms, such as Alfred Dunhill Homes, Huaihai Road 796, (Vacheron Constantin Mansion Shanghai), Adidas brand center (Adidas Brand Center SH), UNIQLO Shanghai flagship store, "People Square" brand promenade and a number of high-end commercial landmark brand.

Group is one of the earliest retailers in China to enter the airport business, has been stationed in Shanghai Pudong, Hongqiao and the main hub of the airport and the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail along the site business. In 2009, the Group cooperated with Dufry Group, one of the world's largest travel retailers, to set up Shanghai Huaihai Tiffley Trading Co., Ltd. to jointly expand China's transportation and tourism retail market.

Group in 2014 relying on the "Huaihai" brand built in Shanghai creative design platform and display center - set quarter Hui Lafayette Art and Design Center, the first show is a month of LV cutting-edge design exhibition. In 2016, the Group is located in the Huaihai commercial "Ke Tuo Mei Chuang" project, Shisuipou waterfront commercial project grand opening.

Group in 2016 to transform the world project, after the restart of the world around the "non-left" and "three people" theme, focusing on creating the largest, multi-functional, multi-format in one of the intangible cultural heritage heritage and live show exchange center.

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